Remove Dark Spots, Scars And Blemishes From You Face With This Amazing Trick

Many of women a blessed with one beauty spot on their face, and it looks cute on them. But if you have unwanted scars, blemishes, and spots on face, It can be a beauty nightmare. If you happen to have such an unpleasant mark, spot or scar on your skin, you came to the right page. I am gonna share a simple trick that will remove pigmentation and make the blemish disappear.


Required ingredients:

  • Lemon Juice
  • Turmeric powder

You just have to mix these 2 ingredients well and apply the mixture on the affected area or on the full face.  Since the paste works as gentle bleach, It will improve your complexion. Then, you need to leave it on for 15 minutes – until it’s dry. After that, you need to wash it with cold water.
See, It’s not a one-shot solution. You may have to use this remedy once every day depending on the darkness of the scar. Usually, it shows great results within the first week of use.

CAUTION: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight during the use of this remedy.
If your skin is sensitive, then dilute lemon juice with water before using it.
Turmeric can cause temporary yellowness on the skin, but it will be cleared with 1-2 days.