iRestore Laser Hair Grow System Review – Permanent Hair Growth?

iRestore Laser Hair Grow System Review

It is a medical device that is an FDA-cleared. If you don`t know what the FDA stands for, it is Food and Drug Administration federal agency is the US that is responsible for public health protection.

So, what does it mean when a medical device is FDA-cleared?

It means that FDA determined this medical device to be substantially equivalent to another legally marked device.

What is the main benefit of this hair loss device? It works with clinical-strength laser technology. This laser technology treats hair loss and thins men and women hair with the power of light.


It stimulates hair follicles and scientifically induce growth of thicker, fuller hair. We can say that this is phototherapy that will help you regrow your hair and thicken it.

Package Contents iRestore System (ID-500), AC Adapter, User Manual, Quick Start Guide
MAX Growth Kit includes 3-in-1 Hair Growth Formula, Serum, and Shampoo
Laser Power Classification Class 3R (<5mW)
Wavelength 650nm (Red Light)
Light Source 51 Medical-Grade Lasers and Red Luminous LEDs


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