How Your Nails Warn You About Serious Health Conditions

3. Clubbing

If your fingertips become enlarged and the nail becomes curved downward, it may be a sign of clubbing. It can point to low oxygen in your blood, associated with lung disease. In extreme cases, it can be related to liver or kidney disease, heart disease, or even AIDS.

4. White Spots

These small white spots are usually the result of nail trauma and are not a cause for concern. They will disappear on their own. However, if they don’t go away, you might be dealing with a fungal infection.


5. Horizontal Ridges

Horizontal ridges, also known as Beau’s lines, are typically the result of direct trauma to the nail. They can, however, be a symptom of a more concerning condition if they appear on more than one nail at a time. These conditions include psoriasis, uncontrolled diabetes, circulatory disease and severe zinc deficiency.

There is a more serious type of horizontal lines, known as Mees’ lines. They are horizontal discolorations due to arsenic poisoning, Hodgkin’s disease, malaria, leprosy, or carbon monoxide poisoning.