Destroy Your Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin Tags And Age Spots Completely Naturally

Not only moles are skin tags but also clogged pores and age spots are some of the most frequent skin issues that affect people from all ages no matter the gender. The reasons for these issues vary from unhealthy lifestyle to genetics.  You can try to treat these skin issues with products that may or may not be the safest solution due to the harsh chemicals that might be included.

Your second option is the one we will suggest in here and is a chemical free solution, all natural.


Castor Oil and Baking Soda Treatment

The combination of these two ingredients can act as miracle on moles. You should put this mixture on the mole you are trying to get rid of and cover it with bandage. When you wake up the next morning remove the bandage and wash the area. You should repeat the treatment with castor oil and baking soda on a daily basis.


Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

Apple cider vinegar is great in so many things and treating moles is one of them. Put from the vinegar on a cotton ball and secure the cotton ball on the mole with a bandage.

Garlic Treatment

It’s well known that garlic is an extraordinary natural remedy with so many health properties, but did you know that it can also help you with moles?  If you want to use it for this purpose you should take some crushed garlic and put it on the mole. Then you should secure it with a bandage and leave it for 3 hours. Do this at least 3-4 times a week.

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