Brown Vaginal Discharge What It Means In Menstruation

Each woman’s menstrual cycle is different and the amount of vaginal discharge she has may vary during her monthly cycle. Having irregular periods or using contraceptives can mean that there is a greater chance of noticing the brown discharge in your underwear. Or, a small amount of dark-colored discharge or brown spots could be one of the first signs of pregnancy.


If you notice a brown discharge during your monthly cycle or even during your period, it is important to know what causes it. Very often, the brownish or dark discharge is something that comes and goes. However, sometimes the brown discharge may mean that there is a more serious problem that requires a visit to the doctor.

How is the vaginal discharge brown

Vaginal discharge plays an important role in the health of your vagina. The discharge of the vagina helps to eliminate bacteria and dead cells and prevent infections. Generally, the discharge looks like a sticky substance that can be from clear to milky white and may have the consistency of egg white.

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