6 feminine secrets every women should know to avoid vaginal infections

There are several gynecological secrets that every woman should know in order to avoid potential vaginal infections.

The desire for s** can be reduced due to the pills for birth control

According to experts, many women who take pills for birth control cause decreased lib*do. This does not apply only to women of reproductive age. Women in menopause who drink these pills to control various symptoms such as mood changes can feel the reduction of “s*x” desire. This is gynecological secret N. 1.

Headaches caused by a migraine may increase the s** desire


Surely the last thing that comes to your mind when you have a headache is to have s*x. But do not be surprised if you feel a greater desire to be intimate with your partner within 24 hours prior migraine’s bothering. Experts find it difficult to explain this phenomenon. According to them, most likely it happens because of elevated levels of serotonin, which experts assume that has to do with s*xual appetite.

Orga*m can eliminate headaches and menstrual cramps

Recent surveys show that 20% of women who have a migraine the pain decreases after an orga*m. It is not the first time that the orga*m binds to the relief of pain. Many women claim that orga*m helps in reducing or eliminating menstrual cramps.

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