15 Super Easy Nail Designs DIY Tutorials

Here are 15 super easy nail designs DIY Tutorials, from Nail Designs Journal: 

Are you searching for a couple of easy nail designs that you could totally do on your own at home? You’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of them.


If you try them by yourself, you will save so much money. Going to the nail salons can sometimes be a pretty costly affair. Doing your nails on your own with our ideas and tutorials will cost you almost nothing, plus, you will look chic.

A lot of girls think they have butter fingers to replicate these cute nails designs. And that is a huge mistake. Even a total newbie can cope with it. We will show you how.

Have you ever imagined that these nail designs can be done in only three steps? They are very easy peasy and totally life changing.

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