Most women face the problem of hair loss. Is this a pathology or not? On average, we lose around 80 to 100 strands of hair daily. Moreover, it is considered the norm for female hair! Some specialists suggest a simple test: Is there a white knot (bulb) on the end of the fallen hair? If you cannot find it, then you should not worry about hair loss.

In case you find a bulb, you should find out the cause of hair loss. The fact is, active hair loss can be one of the first signs of any diseases or disorders in the body. Therefore, before dealing with the consequences, it is worth finding out the reason.


Most likely, by eliminating it, you will solve the problem of hair loss. Below you will find a list of 10 common reasons for hair loss. So, read and take notes!


The fact is, stress can shock the hair cycle, which is a programmed cycle that helps in hair growth, rest stage, and shedding stage. Therefore, when you are under the influence of stress, it can change a programmed cycle that will lead to hair loss. What’s more, stress can cause other scalp problems, including dandruff.

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