10 Charming Christmas Nail Art Tutorials You’ll Adore

Here are 10 charming Christmas nail art tutorials you’ll adore, from Nails Design Journal: 

Christmas nail art is our favorite as what can be cuter and more heart-warming?

We know that the holidays are really soon because we can already smell them everywhere we go. So, let’s start getting into the right mood and explore several pretty designs for your festive manicure.

Are you ready to learn how to create them?

1. Christmas Holly Nail Tutorial

This Christmas nails design is a bit complicated but we are sure that you can pull it off.

Christmas Holly Nail Tutorial


Source: Harli G via Youtube

  1. Apply a base in a light shade and paint one nail red.
  2. Take a dotting tool that is really small. Dip it into any shade of red nail lacquer you have at hand. With its help, create little clusters that consist of 1 to 3 dots.
  3. Now dip it into green lacquer and paint lines that will then turn into leafs.
  4. To create the leafs, add two pointed edges to both sides of every green line.
  5. Add some white dots to the design – that would be snow.
  6. Apply top coat.

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